Why Image Conversion is Necessary for Embroidery Digitizing?

Embroidery digitizing is the process that converts the image file of the design of embroidery work into a digital format to enable the digitizing embroidery machine to read and perform the required action with specific settings. The entire process is done with the help of software that does the conversion and calculation.

Need for Image Conversion.

With the use of traditional method of hand embroidery, only experts who have specialized knowledge and experience in this field could provide the best finish of the embroidery works involved, using a particular image. Though these experts produced magnificent artwork after tracing or drawing the same on fabrics and other materials, there’s no denying the fact that the entire process was pretty time consuming and tedious. The emergence of embroidery digitization gave the entire process a smooth and fast flow, without compromising on the quality aspect. Since you may often have images that aren’t easy to sew, you need image conversion software, which would help you convert your chosen images to raster or vector format images (such as .bmp, .gif, .png, . wmf, .jpg and .emf etc), which can be read by the embroidery digitizing machine.

There are even software available in the market that help you convert images in other file formats (that are usually unsupported by embroidery digitizing machines) into high-quality embroidery files, suitable for sewing.

If you are still wondering why you require embroidery digitization to reproduce your chosen image into the fabric or material of your choice, here are various reasons why you should opt for it:

  • When a single image is fed into the digitizing software, the areas with different colors can be sorted to have different stitch patterns. This digitization can be done in different ways, according to the unique needs of a client.
  • Digitizing software usually contains an image-processing tools, which help in converting images into smooth, color-reduced versions that are suitable for embroidery.
  • Image conversion or embroidery digitization speeds up the entire process of the actual work, as every setting is taken care of by the software. This helps businesses as they can create various design logos in bulk quantities and market the same.
  • Image conversion is more precise, as it involves various steps of the process handled by the software and digitizing machine. Right from analyzing the image to edit, controlling the pull and push of the stitches based on the base material, and setting up the sew-out time, everything works out with clockwork precision once the appropriate data is fed. Nevertheless, it is very essential to use the right kind of software to ensure that the end results match what was desired at the onset.
  • When it comes to personal purposes, embroidery digitizing is one of the best ways to make gifts and preserve memories. Any precious image or the ones with an emotional aspect can be converted or digitized to a wall hanging or reproduced on one of the chosen fabrics.
  • Most professional image conversion software come loaded with hundreds of design options and color choices that match every requirement of every business or individual. What’s more, you may even ask professional design experts to get creative new designs that showcase a personal touch, should you so desire. In other words, converting image into digital format provides you with several options of design creation, sometimes much more than you might have thought of.
  • Professional image conversion or embroidery digitizing services shorten the time span of the entire process with error-free and perfect finish of embroideries that can create a unique brand identity for companies in the market.

So, go ahead to use embroidery digitizing to your benefit and enjoy the best return on your investment.