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Custom Digitizing
$1.5 / 1000 Stitches Custom Embroidery Digitizing
$8 For Vector Conversion
$2 / Embroidery Design
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Embroidery Digitizing Categories

I have been using Stitch Graphic Interchange's embroidery digitization services for many years. They always meet my deadlines. The quality of work is outstanding and of course not to forget the price. I highly recommend them to everyone.
Andy Boris
Inline Graphics, Inc.
In my 19 years in the embroidery industry, I have not found a better digitizing service. Their price is best and quality is top notch. They are great to work with.
Tanya Kim
Stitch Gear Sportswear
We offer Embroidery Digitizing at $ 1.5 per 1000 stitches, Vector Conversion at $ 8 per artwork and
Embroidery Designs at $2 per design

Quality Embroidery Digitizing Service

Stitch Graphic Interchange has provided quality embroidery digitizing services since 1999. We have the required skilled workforce to produce the best quality designs. Since the time we have started operation, Stitch Graphic Interchange has achieved a recognized position in the digitizing industry with its quality products and innovative ideas. Our goal is to provide the best possible service without any compromise on quality. In the world of digitization services where everyone is busy offering cheap rates, we concentrate more on providing high quality services rather than doing cheap low quality work. We have set a standard for quality services and we follow it rigorously.

 All the staff at Stitch Graphic Interchange are highly skilled and experienced in the field with over 10 or more years of qualified services. With the infrastructure available with us, we are able to deliver work on time. Our turnaround time is only 8 to 24 hours which is quite good given the perfect quality we provide to our customers. Same day service is also available. We make sure to provide our customers with exquisite embroidery and maintain high satisfaction level.

There are many customers who look for custom designs for their unique requirements. We offer the best custom embroidery designs . We have years of experience in custom design embroidery and have individual and commercial customers around the world. We offer a $1.5 / 1000 Stitches for Custom Embroidery Digitizing. This is one of the most competitive price you will ever get along with the high quality work.

We specialize in digitization of small small letters, complex designs, layered thread patterns along with 3D effects and puff. We operate 24/7 which means that you can order mind blowing digitization service anytime at your convenience.

Owners of screen printing or promotional business can highly benefit from our services. We have a strict policy of maintaining the service level agreement which means that you will get your order in the provided time frame. Our competitive pricing, high quality work and strict turnaround time can be a major boost to your business.

Embroidery Digitizing Categories

Embroidery digitizing is the process of digitization of pictures or images into stitches. There are various categories such as celebrity posers, cartoons, dog breed, floral and many others. These designs are used to create beautiful digitized embroidery on clothes and fabrics.


Cartoons have always been a favourite among people. When it comes to embroidery digitization, they are one of the most sought after designs. Digitized cartoon embroideries are quite famous among children and are the perfect gift for any child’s birthday. View our Cartoons Designs

Celebrity Posers

Celebrity posers are quite famous embroidery designs. Who can forget those famous Elvis Presley embroidery designs or the Michael Jackson’s moonwalk designs? Stitch Graphic Interchange can easily get the designs digitized for you with perfection. View our Celebrity Posers Designs

Dog Breeds

Dogs have always been a true companion of humans. People love getting their dog’s picture or name embroidered. Stitch Graphic Interchange can get you the best digitized work done for your dog’s name or picture. View our Dog Breeds Designs

Floral Designs

The combination of a colorful butterfly and a beautiful flower always looks elegant yet mind blowing at the same time. A perfectly digitized embroidery design of a butterfly and flower can make any fabric look amazing. Stitch Graphic Interchange has the perfect manpower for creating simply amazing floral designs. View our Floral Designs

Funny Designs

Funny Embroidery designs look good and can cheer up your mood. These designs are also good if you are planning to gift them. You can have any type of funny design digitized by Stitch Graphic Interchange. The most popular funny design we offer is the Just Married design. View our Funny Designs

Miscellaneous designs

Be it any kind of design, Stitch Graphic Interchange can get it dope. Whether it’s your personal design or a unique design you want none your fabric, we can get that done for you. Our team members are skilled professionals who can get any of your designs digitized easily. View our Miscellaneous Designs

Occasions design

Occasion designs are the special designs that are made only for the occasion. There can be any number or type of designs that you can get digitized at Stitch Graphic Interchange. Occasion designs can be the best gift for a wedding or birthday. View our Occasions Designs

Why Choose Us?

We are providing embroidery digitizing and vector conversion services since 1999. Our team members are expert digitizers and designers who are highly skilled in digitization and graphic Art and have years of experience in the field of embroidery. When you choose us, be assured that you will get the best quality work.

How do we digitize?

Our company uses Wilcom for embroidery digitizing and Adobe Illustrator for Vector Conversion. We have a work force of expert digitizers and designers who are highly experienced and skilled in the field of digitization.
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